The Cart Company

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session IV

Chapter Two: Phandalin

The Cart Company drags their Redbrand captive to the Townmaster’s Hall, intent on leaving him in Sildar’s custody, despite trepidation about the townmaster’s loyalties.

When they arrive, the townmaster has retired early for the day, but Sildar happily takes the Redbrand into his custody, to the approval of the villagers gathered there. Pulling Sildar aside, the adventurers reveal their suspicions that Glasstaff is in fact Iarno Albrek. Sildar is unconvinced by the party’s evidence, but explains that whomever Glasstaff is, Iarno or not, he wants him captured alive to face justice.

The party make their way to Trescendar Manor, finding the hideout’s entrance easily. As the adventurers creep through the hideout, they encounter and deal with a small band of the mercenaries. One of the men makes to flee, but Halvor puts him down, discovering a secret tunnel leading further into the base moments later. Carefully making their way through, the party come to a small crevasse, bisecting the base and spanned by two bridges, reeking of death.

Halvor investigates the crevasse, finding many bones, while the others keep watch. Torbera notices they are being watched and urges the ranger to quicken his search. Finding a small hoard of treasure, Halvor quickly grabs the two potions and the silver longsword, Talon, he finds, while planning to return later for the rest. As he rejoins the party, Torbera notices the southern bridge will not support anyone, but Simon’s wait and orders the gnome across to investigate. Simon is reluctant, but obeys when the dwarf forcefully pushes him forward. As he looks around, however, the wizard is attacked by the sudden appearance of a monstrous Nothic.

Simon is knocked out by the creature’s assaults as the party leap to his aid. Rushing across the bridge, Torbera nearly jumps across, but the bridge collapses beneath her, forcing her to scuttle her way up the side of the crevasse. The adventurers engage the Nothic, while Alicora heals Simon, who wakes startled, unleashing a Thunderwave spell that rings throughout the hideout. The battle continues as the adventurers engage the Nothic, but the battle turns grim as Redbrand and Bugbear reinforcements swarm the chamber. Halvor slays the Nothic, but a blood battle erupts beneath Trescendar Manor that nearly takes the lives of the entire party.

When the smoke clears, the Redbrands and Bugbears lay dead, but as Halvor climbs to the top of the crevasse, he carries with him the dead bodies of Simon Tinkspringer and Cuthbert.

The party flee the hideout, rushing to Sister Garaele for aid, but there is little the cleric can do, besides arrange for the dead adventurers’ bodies be sent home to Triboar. Their work not done, the party rest, recovering from the day’s tragedy, intent on storming the hideout again in the morning.

The next day, the party return to Trescendar Manor. The party scour the hideout, searching for more Redbrands, but find only a trio of undead skeletons, the bodies of the Redbrand’s freshly slain prisoners and clues that Glasstaff has recently fled.

Searching the Redbrand leader’s quarters, the party find proof that Glasstaff and Iarno are one and the same. A letter signed with a black spider suggests the traitorous Iarno was hired to waylay the adventurers should they come looking for Gundren. Searching the wizard’s workshop, the party also recover several alchemical ingredients the wizard was using to brew something, as well as the diary of the dwarven adventurer, Urmon. The diary details the history of Wave Echo Cave, as well as the Forge of Spells, which powered the mine.

Combing through the hideout, the party eventually discover a hidden exit. Following the tunnel, the party step out into the forest, south of Trescendar Manor. The adventurers temporarily lose the trail, spending hours searching the forest, until Halvor finds the path. Turning to the party, he urges them to hunt the bastards down and kill them all…


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