The Cart Company

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session IX

Chapter Four: Wave Echo Cave

Alternate Title: Getting your Rockseekers Off.

Their mission in Thundertree complete, the party settle in for the evening.

As she rests, Alicora is visited by strange visions. Her arm goes numb and suddenly an eye gazes up at her from her open palm. At first she is frightened, but then she feels relief and an overwhelming sense of contentment. Smiling, she accepts Helm’s blessing as the magic circle spell is planted in her mind forever.

In the morning, while preparing for their trip back to Phandalin, Torbera notices Halvor putting away the Eye of Dumothoin. Asking what it is, Halvor explains that it is the reason he needed to travel to Thundertree and announces that it is a token of friendship between his friends and the Rockseekers, a sigh of mutual respect which Torbera happily accepts though irritably suggests giving to Gundren.

Racing south back to Phandalin, the party rest at the Uthgardt statues. During the night, Torbera notices movement in the treeline during her watch. Calling out to the intruder, she alerts her allies and seemingly scares the them off. Halvor notices the tracks belong to an Owlbear, but after making sure the creature is gone, explains that they should be fine.

In the morning, the party return to Phandalin, splitting up as they arrive to meet with different people. Alicora retires to the inn with Amelia, hoping to speak with Gundren, while Torbera travels to the Townmaster’s Hall to speak with Sildar and Halvor goes to speak with Sister Garaele.

At the inn, Alicora happily greets Gotye, before jealously interrupting a conversation Gundren is having with the local guild-mistress of the miner’s guild, Halia Thornton. Grabbing Gundren, the two retire to the dwarf’s room.

Later, Torbera returns to the inn, having learned that Sildar was retiring for the evening. There, the dwarf comes across the mercenary in talks with Toblen Stonehill and Linene Graywind regarding trade negotiations. After losing at Three-Dragon Ante, Torbera speaks and learns from Sildar that Nezznar had recently come into money and was masquerading as an adventurer, before moving his operations from Luskan to Neverwinter.

After sharing a drink, Torbera and Sildar bond, before the dwarf invites her drinking buddy upstairs for some night activities.

Meanwhile, Halvor visits Sister Garaele at her home, showing her the Eye of Dumathoin and thanking her for her friendship and aid. Garaele is disheartened at being called Halvor’s “friend”, but relents when he reveals he is in love with someone else that he lost, though she gently advises the ranger to move on so that he can find some happiness, before he leaves.

The next day, the party prepare for their trip to Wave Echo Cave. Gundren privately presents Alicora with a token of his love, a bracelet that once belonged to the Rockseeker’s late grandmother and Halvor, at Torbera’s urging, presents the Eye of Dumathoin to Gundren, before the group rushes off to the mine.

Racing into the hills east of Phandalin, the Cart Company follows Gundren’s directions to the cave entrance. Traveling into Wave Echo Cave, the party quickly find the dwarves’ camp site where Torbera is horrified to find the body of her brother Tharden, killed by Nezznar.

Swearing vengeance on the drow, Torbera searches for Nezznar, finding tracks that descend to a lower level and split, humanoid footprints going northwest and others going east.

Torbera threatens to rush ahead, but is stopped by Alicora who urges the dwarf to be cautious, promising that they will find Nundro, but only if they’re still alive. Torbera agrees, allowing Halvor to take the lead, before attempting to return to Tharden’s body.

Halvor begins to hear the flapping of wing and the squeaking of strange creatures as they continue east, but as he looks up the ranger is swarmed by hundreds of flapping wings…


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